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About dotScot

“There is no denying the potency of Scotland’s brand – its castles, dramas, and scenery are world-famous, as well as Scotland’s progressive position in global affairs. Having a .scot domain name is a way of instantly identifying my brand with what Scotland means to the world.”
– David C. Weinczok, CastleHunter.scot

dotScot Registry is the not-for-profit company that exists to provide Scottish businesses, individuals and organisations a prominent online identity through the .scot domain name.

.scot is a top-level domain for Scotland and Scottish culture that became available to the public during September 2014. It gives users the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish, offering the ultimate branding tool for businesses and acts as a clear cultural identifier for people in Scotland and in the wider Scots diaspora.

As well as being used to promote Scottish art, culture, business and education, it is also used by individuals who want to highlight their Scottish connections or simply like having ‘.scot’ as part of their internet identity. Why wouldn’t they, when Scotland’s brand is recognised around the world?

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