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How do I report abuse?

The use of .scot domain names for abusive purposes is expressly forbidden, so if you see one of our domains being used for any abusive purpose please email us at and we will look into it immediately and take whatever action is necessary.

What if I already have a .com/ website?

There is no reason why you cannot have a .scot domain name as well as another domain name. Many companies, brands and organisations have more than one domain name depending on who they want to attract to their website. You can either have tailored website content on your different domain names or you can have one domain name redirect to another. Of course, we would like your main website to be a .scot site!

How much will a .scot domain name cost?

The price of a .scot domain name is set by the registrars, not by us. We expect this to be around £25 per year although some registrars may offer discounts or promotions from time to time, so it might pay to look around.

How much will the renewal fees be for a .scot domain name?

All domain names have to be renewed each year. The price for this is set by the registrars and we expect this to be around £25 per year. Some registrars may offer discounts for multiple-year registrations.

Why is a .scot domain name more expensive than a .com or a

We aim to make .scot domain names as affordable as possible and fully expect the price to decrease with time. The price of .com and domain names started out much more expensive than they are now and have decreased over the years.

How do I get a .scot website if I don’t have an existing website?

If you don’t have a website already and want to create a new one with a .scot address, you will need to register your choice of domain name through one of our Approved Registrars. You will also need to find someone to host your website and a way of creating it, either yourself or professionally. Often both services are available from the same Registrar.

Can I have a .scot email address?

Yes! If you have a .scot domain and your web host offers this service then you can set up a .scot email address or addresses with your own domain.

If you would just like a .scot email address you can apply here for an email address or or or a range of others. Click here for a full list.

What can I do if someone else has already registered the .scot domain name I want?

If you believe they are acting improperly, you can use one of our dispute resolution processes, see our policies below for details.

Alternatively you may want to choose a different name that represents you or what you do.

I have a registered trademark. How can I make sure I can have my trademark name as a .scot domain name?

Like all new gTLDs we offered a sunrise period where trademark holders had first priority. However this is now closed so register your name quickly!

What are reserved names and when will they be available?

Before launching .scot, we reserved a number of domain names including places and localities in Scotland, the names of civic bodies and a few iconic names to stop them falling into the hands of domain squatters. These names will be released over time, with prior notice posted on our website.

What is the difference between a domain name and a website?

A domain name is the address that points to your website.

Why is the domain name .scot rather than .sco?

Extensive market research was carried out both in Scotland and in the Scottish diaspora and by far and away the more popular of the two names was .scot so that was the one chosen.

If dotScot Registry is a not-for-profit company, what happens to any profits that you make?

Any surplus funds will be used to sustain the business as we grow. Once we have reached a stable position, we intend to fund Scottish digital initiatives which you may submit to us. We aren’t able to take applications yet so don’t send us any until we advertise that we are open to take them.

In order to ensure fair and equitable operation of the .scot domain we have developed a number of policies that will guide all aspects of its use and operation. You can access them via the links below:

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