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“.scot is new, fresh and- distinctive, and I feel it sets my online presence apart from other musicians and bands using more traditional domains.”
– Sithu Aye, indie musician,

Join the thousands who are highlighting their Scottish connection online and grab a deal from one of our registrars below:

Whether your website exists to represent a brand, business or organisation; sell a product or provide a service; shout your opinion from the rooftops or create an online community – you’re going to want the perfect domain name to represent it.

Anyone is eligible for a .scot domain if they identify as Scottish or have an affinity for Scotland. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or if you want to use the domain for personal or professional use; it’s a versatile domain and is currently used by thousands to highlight their Scottish connection.

The .scot domain is a perfect fit for those who:

  • Contribute to Scottish social, cultural, business or academic life
  • Utilise the spoken and visual languages of Scotland
  • Explore Scottish heritage
  • Have made Scotland their home
  • Have an affinity for Scotland

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