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Release of Reserved Domain Names and Reduced Prices

Release of Reserved Domain Names

DotScot are excited to announce that from the 3rd of May 2018, three new classes of previously reserved domain names will be available. Profits from their sale will be earmarked for charitable causes throughout Scotland.

The 3 categories of released names are:

  • Scottish place names.
  • Premium domain names, which are highly sought after.
  • Super Premium domain names including two-character names, which are considered rare and have a high value in the market.

The purchase price of these names has been set higher than our other domains in the first year, but will revert to our normal renewal price after one year. This has been done to deter speculators since we hope to see these domains actively used for websites and/or email.

The full list of names being released in each category can be found here.

Get Your .scot Domain from just £15!*

After the success of our last promotion we’ve decided to keep our registration price at a reduced rate. We are (once again) excited to announce that starting from the 3rd of May 2018, participating registrars are offering .scot registration prices from just £15+VAT!

.scot domains are perfect if you want to increase the awareness of your website’s connection to Scotland. Join thousands of local businesses, artists, photographers, distilleries, musicians, bloggers and many others who use the .scot domain to promote Scottish culture online.

If you’re a Scottish business or sell Scottish products, it’s the perfect tool to boost your authenticity and attract new customers. 71% of Scottish consumers said they would prefer to buy from a website using the .scot domain name. Our promotion is the perfect time to give the .scot domain a try, and experience the benefits it can bring. You’ll find the success stories from other users and businesses on our .scot stories page.

And don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about .scot email addresses! Keep your eyes peeled for news on our email service coming soon.

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