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Please tell us a bit about the origins of Distillery Tours

I was the commercial director of a successful drinks magazine and was conscious there wasn’t a high quality website that listed every Whisky Distillery visitors centre in one place that didn’t look twee and cliched and was very user friendly. I was also aware that Whisky tourism in Scotland was growing massively (now Scotland’s third biggest tourist attraction).

How would you describe the work that you do?

We target people who are interested in Whisky from all over the world to come to Scotland and visit a Whisky distillery. Our site also has a totally interactive ‘Plan you Trip’ section that lets visitors to the site plan their distillery visits and download all the info, including directions, to their device. This includes the best Whisky bars, hotels and retailers they will pass on their journey.

What does the future hold for Distillery Tours?

We have seen a massive increase in visitors to our site this year and we are adding new distilleries and destinations (there are at least five new distilleries opening in Scotland). We are also looking internationally at other opportunities.

Why did you choose .scot?

We are very proud to work and promote something as special as Whisky. We are also proud Scots that are steeped in the history and the importance of Whisky to our people and we want to tell the world. There was only one web address that we would be happy with and that was a .scot one, it’s in our bones.

David Riddell, Director

For more information, please visit Distillerytours.scot

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