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What is arose from a need for particularly clear and understandable online Maths resources that Secondary pupils and teachers could use together during the first COVID 19 lockdown.

When my tutoring business pivoted to online in March 2020, I began creating initially to provide worked examples and exercises that would make the tutoring experience more like face-to-face teaching.

Many pupils find independent study difficult, so the solutions to the worked examples within each National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Maths topic were designed to provide full explanations as well as the answers. When read carefully, worked through diligently and then practised, they should serve as a useful framework for pupils to prepare for assessments and exams.

The page layout is another important feature of Most school pupils use their phones more than other devices. So, although the website looks rather spartan on large screens, it sizes perfectly on iOS and Android phones.

What is your vision for the future?

As time goes on, my intention is to gradually extend the range of worked examples, based on any future curriculum revisions and the types of questions that appear on future exam papers.

It is a source of great pleasure to me that the resources on are freely available to every pupil and teacher in the country, and that they are contributing to the development of our young people’s mathematical understanding and skills, with resultant economic and wellbeing benefits.


Why did you choose .scot?

The educational system and curriculum in Scotland are distinctly different to those of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I was therefore delighted to be able to secure an easily remembered domain name that gives Scottish pupils and teachers confidence that the website content is relevant to their needs. No other domain suffix could have achieved that.

Andrew Moulden BSc (hons), PGCE

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